Wednesday, April 7, 2010


It's been a long haul and I didn't know where I was going, but it's been worth the wait for such peace.


Bob said...

I feel your peace through what you create on canvas and what you write. You should be proud of yourself for what you've accomplished where others have failed. Some look back and bitch and moan about what could have been. You look forward and reap the rewards of living life on life's terms . . . and loving it.

Gray said...

You are a great role model. So positive and such a happy person.

*great big hugs*

Bigger said...

I have said it before. You are an insperation to me. always up beat.
You have taken the hand you where dealt and made it a very positive situation. you seem to enjoy your life to the fullest. it is just inspering, or how ever you spell it.

La Roo said...

I honestly did not expect this type of response.

In years past I've struggled with many things. I still have struggles but not even to the magnitude I used to. I feel like such a late bloomer. I actually feel younger than I did years ago. There was a time that I couldn't get out of my chair without a heave ho. Today I am up and down all day by myself. There was a time when getting out of my car was to hard, so I stopped driving. Today I drive all over the place. I stopped going to the bathroom during the day because it was hard to get up and I feared falling. Today I potty like a big girl. :) I always loved art and dabbled but never thought someday I would own and paint for a gallery, let alone someone actual buying a piece of my artwork.
I worried all the time of what people thought of me, and couldn't get beyond that. I had a hard grasping that I could actually plot my life to be what I mostly wanted it to be.I feared that I wasn't good enough for my husband and that he got short changed.

I'm not sure where it all started to click....but it did. It hasn't happened over night but it has taken quite a few years. I just wanted more out of life than what was dealt and that I thought I had to fall into. I worked out when it was told that wasn't a good idea for my condition. I had a boob job and a little lipo, because I needed to feel physically like a woman. (surprise?) I immersed myself in art and came out the other end with all kinds of friends and a little bit of talent. I opened my mind to new things sexually, which helped both myself and hubby out. I could go on......
Basically, I've had to make choices that I thought would better my life and make it better for everyone around me.
I find myself every now and then reflecting back and realizing how far I've come and I thank my lucky stars that I have the will and support to do so.

This probably should have been the post, but it is here now and I just thank all of you for your kind words and positive thoughts. Most of my friends know quite a bit about me, but my bloggers friends get the full true me. It's better that way. It's kind of a friends with benefits type of thing. :)

La Roo said...
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Bob said...

Thank you for your honesty. How you're now living your life is really an example for all of us. Anything is possible...mind over matter. Attitude. A "just do it!" mentality. We have but one life to live (but I think that I'll be back one way or another) so why not make the best of what we have to work with? You're doing just that, Laroo. While you should be very proud of your evolution, please know that I'm proud of you, too.

I've been your blog pal from nearly the inception of this blog. It's been wonderful to witness how you've gone from there to here.

PS In reading your comments here I found that you and Wifey have something in common. . . . :) Can you guess what?

La Roo said...

Bob, If I can't be honest here, where? In my next life I'm coming back as a dancing bird who wears high heals, that drinks and smokes.
What or who do you think you'll come back as? I know, some pretty girls underwear or bra. Huh? No really.
(*)(*) = wifey & Laroo.......right?
Thanks for being you. You make me smile.