Friday, April 9, 2010

Do you have a food you couldn't live without? This is mine.

So the story goes.....There is a weekend tradition to go to our favorite Italian deli about 10 minutes from our house. We don't make it every weekend, though we'd like to. We get a turkey and domestic hot genoa sandwich with provolone ( or sometimes roast beef), easy mayo and mustard, light italian dressing, extra lettuce (it also has deli pickles and pepperoncini's) . We share the sandwich $6.49 and get a bag of chips, diet coke, and 2 of the most delicious chocolate dipped cookies you will ever eat. There are no tables, so everything is buy and go. The smell alone would kill us to have to drive all the way 10 minutes back home. So we stop at a little park around the corner from the deli and eat lunch in the truck. We watch kids play, drug deals go down, guys playing soccer, people on blankets soaking up the sun, dog walkers and a group of men who gather around a table to play cards. What more could you want? My favorite meal and entertainment built into one.

The Diet Coke evens out all the bad calories. :)


C said...

oh i would lerve a sammie like that! i am such a bread person, i couldnt live without it... plain with real butter or sandwiches, i think sandwiches are my fave foods... all kinds, too.

that looks so cozy, laroo... awwww, what nice memories.... you both have...


Richard said...

I would hold off with the chips and cookies.

Bob said...

Food I could not do without? A couple of things I'd miss but really could do without:

Fried chicken.

Pasta with red or clam sauce.

Spumoni or rocky road ice cream.


Roundtable Pepperoni Pizza with tomatoes - or vegetarian with pepperoni added. Anchovies once in a while.


I think I'll stop here.

Bigger said...

I like all food

Yep all of it

La Roo said...

C- Come on over and we'll treat you to one of these sandwiches. See ya at lunch!

Richard- Oh no, not the cookies! Maybe the chips. :)

Bob-I love pizza too, but it scares me so I just try to avoid it as much as possible. :)

Bigger- You have to have that one know if you were on a desert island and were told you could have one thing.....? Or your last meal on death row? :)

Hubby says he's disappointed in me.......he would choose a bowl of endless meat.

Bob said...

Pizza scares you? Must be the stuff sold by Boogie Man Pies or the Vampire Pizza restaurant. Roundtable pizza never scared anyone......I think....I think it's health food.

The world according to Gaz said...

Mine is Corned Beef and mashed potatoes. My wife asked me once what i wanted for my birthday dinner and when i asked for it she told me i was dull and unimaginative.
Wasn't my favorite birthday ever.

Bigger said...

I think it would be chinese food from a local restarant. maybe boneless spare ribs with pork fried rice. Which is funny since that is not chinese food.
This is a little hole in the wall place that know me by name and sometimes there health score might teeter close to 90 or below. but I have never been sick there or had a roach in my food. not a noticable one anyway.

La Roo said...

Bob- Pizza scares me because I feel weak when I eat it and want to eat lots of it!! Not good. :)

t w a t Gaz- What you like isn't dull. It's what you like. You should be able to have your on tastes. In my family we usually choose what we would like to have for our birthday dessert. There were a couple years I was stuck on Rice Krispie squares. My brother-in-law would tease me and say, "why must we have cereal for dessert"? ..........because that's what I like, it's not your birthday. :)

I think little hole in the wall places are best. We have 2 mexican restaurants and a chinese place just like that. We never got sick from them and hope we never do. :)