Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

This was the Easter card that my hubby gave me today. I laughed until I had tears in my eyes. I just had to share.

Easter party yesterday was great and our art opening went well. I'm very excited to say, I sold 2 pieces. The people who bought both were in love with my work and that is such an awesome feeling. I always second guess if people will like my work. Not in this case though, they were all over it. Yay!!! It validates me to keep pressing on in the quest to not paint what others think I should paint, but what I want to paint.


annalise said...

yay, for u indeed! that's so awesome! happy bunny day to u too. keep up the great work ^_^

Bob said...

Good job!! Selling two pieces is just awesome! I've started drawing, too. You've set a good example to follow.

Check out today's post which contains my first piece. It's for sale, Laroo. Shall I send it to you to hang in the gallery?

La Roo said...

annalise- Thanks, I'm beaming today. Happy Hopping to you also!

Bob-Thanks dude. I think the gallery couldn't handle someone of your caliber. I see the influences of Picasso and other cubists in this piece. How much ya asking ? I might know a collector interested.

Sulpicia said...

Oh. SO exciting! Congrats.

Luv said...

I love your art work. Especially the one where you're pulling up your stockings in the wheelchair. You should make that into the first of a series, a naked series. Just imagine that you had no panties on. Too bad I couldn't come to the gallery show. Otherwise I might have brought something. The truth is I couldn't find it even if you told me where it was. Congrad.

The cookies looked delicious, so is the maker. I wouldn't mind a few bites.


Gray said...

Congratulations!! I am so happy for you.


Bigger said...

Its always good when hard work pays off