Friday, April 2, 2010

I love to bake.

I was Suzy homemaker today. I baked and decorated spring/Easter cookies with my mom today. I got the sugar cookie recipe from the Food Network. It was the Alton Brown sugar cookie recipe. It got good reviews, so I thought I'd try it. They are yummy. I added vanilla like many reviewers suggested. I also made the royal icing that goes along with it. I divided the icing into different bowls and appointed those bowls certain colors with food coloring. Then put the individual colors into sandwich ziplock bags and sealed it up. I then snipped a oh so tiny hole in the corner and went crazy decorating. The icing dries hard in about a half hour after decorating.
We decided to have Easter on Saturday, because on Sunday everybodys church schedules didn't allow everyone to be together at the same time. Hubby and I are the sinners of the family and don't attend chuch. Surprised? I'm all about Spring, the Easter Bunny, and all cute pastel things, and fun food. We also have our art opening this weekend, so cookies will be taken there also and used to help fill a table of refreshments.
Let the good times roll.


Richard said...

Everything looks so yummy. I can't remember when I had fresh baked cookies.

CarynSKA said...

I've seen the episode of the show where he makes his sugar cookies (for Santa) but I've never tried them. I might just have to now! Yours look so yummy! I also love baking, and I'm always looking for new recipes!

La Roo said...

Richard- Thanks, they are yummy. I wish I could share.

CarynSKA- Yes, the Santa episode!! You have to try them!! Take a picture when you do and share. Don't forget to add vanilla.

Bob said...

It's easy to see from this post why you'd love to get into the Sell Some Cookies biz. You're not only an artist on canvas but also one Chef de la Cookie. I'm impressed.

Your last sentence in this post said, "Let the good times roll." Let me add, let the good cookie dough roll...:)

Gray said...

The cookies look great! I am so jealous! Next weekend I shall make spring cookies.

Happy Easter to you and your family Roo!!:)

C said...

ohhhhhhhh they look yummola, laroo.... and i lerve your new look on the blog!

happy easter, honey.... dont eat too many peeps, they give ya the shits! bwahahahaha


La Roo said...

Bob- I'm all about cookies......Someday ya know.
The big problem is not only will the good times roll or the cookie dough roll, but if I don't stop eating them I will be a roly poly. :)

Gray, Take picture of your cookies. What kind are you making? Do you like to bake also?

C-Thanks so much. I actually put a bunch of peeps (all colors) on skewers and stuck them on our 2 good friends front lawns last night. I left a little gift bag filled with those cookies. It was a happy Easter from their peeps. :)
I don't like to eat them, but they are so fucking cute. :)