Thursday, April 1, 2010

I'd never!

How far does our personal being let us explore? Limits are different for us all. What one person thinks is tame, might be wild to another. Limits are ingrained in us and can also be misunderstood. What is being moral? Same thing, it might have different meanings to each individual. Do we look down upon people for doing things we wouldn't or do they look down on us for something they would never think of? There are consequences for any behavior and I think it's what we personally can deal with.
I know ther are things that I would never do that others would have no problem doing. I know there are things I do that others would never. I have thoughts as I'm sure others do, that they wish they could do but would never act on them. Not for the fact of y not being able to do whatever it may be, but the consequences.


Stella D. said...

ah, the complexities of relativism.

Southern Sage said...

consequences do matter but the question I always pondered was "Is it better to do it and regret it or to not do it and never know?"

Bob said...

I've always been a risk taker. Taking risks should always weigh consequences that pile on after the fact. Even when the risk was high and the potential for major consequences to be life changing, I would do it anyway. Yes, I've paid dearly - the cost in some cases was high for what I had done. Would I do some or all of those things again? Some, yes. Some of the others no. It just wasn't worth the price that I paid.

Now sexually, which is where I think a part of this post is addressing, YES! I'd do whatever it was that I did again and again and again and again.

Gray said...

One, love the new look! Awesome!

Two, limits are definitely relative to the people that are involved. Though we do have certain preconceived notions that are taught early on (pain is bad!) that are hard to over come when we decide we like certain things.

I try not to judge any because honestly I don't want to be judged myself. Let me do what I enjoy and vice versa!

Luv said...

To free yourself you have to do things that you have never done before. Otherwise you would never know.
Kids grow up by trying new things. So would you. Try it. If you don't like it, it is the last time. If you like it, it would be a great time.
Don't let convention stop you. They might tell you it is dirty, filthy, unhealthy. Once you tried it, you might love it.


Crash said...

Not doing something based on 'consequence's' isn't morality - it's fear. I was talking to someone the other night - swapping stories and experiences and I was surprised at how shocked they seemed at things I have either done or experienced.

It occurred to me later that what was/is normal for me is someone else's idea of bizarre, sick or violent.

I love stella's comment "Ah the complexities of relativism".

In the end I think I trust the maxim of "be yourself, you're the only person qualified", I realise that's a little trite ... but still.

Great post - I love popping in here, I either get horny or thoughtful, sometimes both - which is pretty damned awesome.


La Roo said...

Stella- ah, yeah. :)

Southern Sage-I'm not sure, and that's what the I battle with.

Bob- I feel I am a bit of a risk taker, but of course everybodys risk taking is different. You know me to well Mr. Bob, sexually, huh? It might be about that. Who knows?

Gray-Yeah, I try not to judge either. I actually judge myself the most. Not good.

Luv- Good advice.I still am leary of my allowances of myself and the effects on others. That is a struggle and takes careful consideration.

Crash-I agree to a certain point and that point myself. I feel I really don't know how to sometimes. I've conquered a lot of fears and I think that is the problem. I've seen a lot of not so nice things and dealt with a lot of crap. I've gotten myself to what I condsider a happy place and don't want to ruin it.
I'm glad you come to my blog, it's always good to hear from you. ;)