Monday, February 1, 2010

On its way.

I started this piece the other day. This is a self portrait and I'm working from a photograph this time. I am just blocking in the color and actaully have gotten quite a bit further since I took this picture. By "blocking in", I mean putting the general localized color on the entire piece before going into the detail. I will try to get another picture soon so you can see the progress.


Gray said...

I can't wait to see how this piece turns out!:)

CarynSKA said...

Very cool! It's fun to see a painting in progress

The world according to Gaz said...

Will be good to see it when it's ready

Bob said...

I like it. Great composition. You've got a winner in the making,Laroo.

Gotta run. Jury duty calls.

marquisdgore said...

Just a thought

Wouldn't it be a little more ironic if you had hose and high heels on in that painting?

Not trying to upset you here or critique your choice of composition, just trying to add a little more thought in it for the viewer.

Or not

Your painting. good luck with it

La Roo said...

Gray- Actually, me neither.

Caryn-I will try to post on Friday and show how far I've gotten.

Gaz- It will take me a couple weeks to finish it.

Bob- Thanks, I've had fun with this one. Actually, I have fun with most pieces I do. :) Did you get on a trial???

Marquisdgore-It is what it is. The project is to do a a self portrait, without doing the typical portrait sitting. Something that tells you that this is a certain person without actually showing them. It's not suppose to be ironic, it's supposed to be me. If you knew me, this is what I'm about and what I wear.Thanks for the input though.

Anonymous said...

LaRoo, this looks very exciting. I love the composition and the stripes.
You know I've never really told you this but always thought it but the name of your blog is awesome!