Thursday, February 4, 2010


The other day in my painting class everybody was doing there thing as was I. This teacher and a girl came into the class, the teacher put his hand on my shoulder and said, "I want you to meet Gloria". I said,"hi Gloria". He said, "i think you have a lot in common". I responded, "how so?" He replied "i'll tell you later,"with a wink and walked away with this girl.

I know this teacher in the passing and I know he is quite well liked. He also attended one of our gallery openings just recently, so I was able to kind of get to know him and chat it up . In the hallways he always makes an effort to bump into me just playing around. I would guess he's in his early 60's and seems to be just a nice guy. So that's about the extent of me knowing him.

I couldn't get it out of my mind, what he said about this girl he introduced me to. She didn't really say anything but "hi" and smiled. It was akward but intriguing. I waited for the next class, which was yesterday. I wanted to see if he'd pop in again and he did. I said, "why did you introduce me to Gloria"? He smiled and just kind of stared at me and knelt down next to me. He said quietly,"I think you would really like her". I said, "I probably would, i like most everybody." He said, "I feel that, like I feel that in her". He was quiet for a second or two and said, "you are sensual". Which made me blush, I'm sure. He went on to explain to me that this Gloria girl was the same way, he felt. He told me the way I carry myself and express myself in my artwork shows a confidence and a sensuality. He said Gloria was a person who just didn't worry about what people thought and was just really neat and open. It took me by surprise and he knew that and I could see him getting a little nervous. I told him, I'm definitely going to take that as a compliment and that I've worked hard to be me. He said," when I meet people that are similiar, I like to pair them up". Sort of a match maker, I guess.


Gray said...

Ooooo this could get interesting!:)

Bob said...

Maybe this is a compliment of sorts but as a teaching professional this man is out of line...big time. His behavior is highly inappropriate in regards to the standards teachers are bound to follow. This may seem like no big deal but remember, where there's smoke there's definitely fire. Watch out.

Bigger said...

One Word


just my opinion I dont know the guy

La Roo said...

Bob-I'm not so sure how inappropriate it was. He's an artist, a right brainer so to speak. I think he was just expressing a feeling and just picked that adjective to make a point. Sensual is not a bad thing. He knows I'm married and I didn't look at it as an advance.
I felt it was him just noticing the fact that I put myself out there and push some limits. Maybe I'm wrong???

No Bigger, not weird.

Oh gawd maybe it is..........maybe you are not allowed to tell somebody they are sensual. It didn't feel weird.

Bob said...

Take it from an accomplished Cockhound, this guy is to be avoided or at least ignored. He's setting you up.

Bigger said...

Sorry, La Roo

Bob gets my vote

La Roo said...

Cockhound?? Bob? Don't know that word.
I think he's harmless and I'm not 16. i feel comfortable within this situation. (damn, I'm not 16!)
Thanks for the heads up though.

Bigger, It's kind of neat to know you and Bob have my back.

Question: What makes you guys different than this teacher, you are coming to my blog and share my intimate side, my sensuality and just the plain dorkiness? Just curious.???
Don't get me wrong, because I think you both great. :)

The world according to Gaz said...

I think he might be some old perve trying to get young women together in his presence. Maybe he's actually looking for a couple of Sirens.

eva said...

Hah! I don't know what to think, a part of me agrees with Bob, and another part gives the man the benefit of the doubt.

I've met a lot of weird genuine alternative people who has said unusual stuff like this with all the best intentions.. .. but tell him off if he ever makes you feel uncomfortable!! Oh wait, you're not 16 any longer, you don't need to hear that ;)