Friday, January 15, 2010



Bigger said...

I have never quiet seen an image like that. I mean the way it took not what is in the pic. it looks pretty cool though.
Bob is right, If you cant think just post pics. It is an easy way out

Gray said...

Those are awesome pictures!! You have such a talent for that. :)

Bob said...

Ommp, der it is. Ommp, der it is----photos worth a thousand words each.

Oh, how I love it.

Facesit? Okay.....:) Reminds of someone who once said,

The dude doesn't know sex. If it came and sat on his face the dude would say, Where's the butt?

Stella D. said...


:) i love the pics.

La Roo said...

Bigger-The image is taken via my computer with an application called sketchbook.

Gray-Thank you Gray, I can't take credit for the photos. Like I told Bigger it's an application on the computer. I just took my clothes off. ;)

Bob-I thought you might appreciate that. I'm slow, I don't get the last part of what you wrote.

Stella-Thanks so much.

annalise said...

k, well this must be "ginger" lol