Friday, January 15, 2010

Mary Ann or Ginger?


Gray said...

A little of both!

We only make fun of the people who come to Vegas and leave their brains at home. You know the ones who walk in the middle of the street to get that one great shot. *sighs*

You must let me know next time you guys come to Vegas! We'll do lunch.:)

Bigger said...


Bob said...

You ask such hard questions. I have no fucking clue. :) But love the photos.

La Roo said...

Gray-One of our favorite things to do is, when we pull up to a corner on the strip, and there are people taking pictures down the street, I flash my boobs behind them. I would just love to see them looking through the family pics and see me in the background. :0
I would love to meet up with you to do lunch.

Bigger- Gilligans Island.... Mary Ann (the girl next door) and Ginger (the sexy one). You didn't watch it?

Bob- Come on Bob, Gilligans Island.
Thanks for playing along and liking it anyways.

annalise said...

oh, i know this! gilligan- shoes and cuffs, mary ann- knees, cleavage-ginger ^_^ nick-at-night reruns

La Roo said...

I am totally Mary Ann.
Ginger was slinky and sexy.
Mary Ann was basically the girl next door.
I so just the girl next door. (who happens to like to show off her boobs)