Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Do kids still play duck duck, Goose?

It's been stormy around my area with tornado warnings and all. It got me to thinking about the kids in school not being able to go outside. I know we used to drive the teacher nuts playing duck duck goose. Is this still a rainy day event or have they moved on to much better things?


Bob said...

Duck, duck, goose! has pretty much gone by the way side. Sit at your desk games (there's one whose name I can't recall - toss the ball around the room for what reason I can't recall, either), video movies, board games, paper and pencil drawing, reading - those of some of the activities that occupy today's kids. Teachers have duty free lunch all due to their contract which states this (universal CTA language) and are supervised by aides who sometimes have to cover more than one classroom - which makes organization and supervision of indoor games next to the impossible.

It's ain't like the old days, Laroo.

C said...

i think the new version is called fuck fuck, bruce! bwahahahahaha


La Roo said...

Love, love love it, C!
That's great.

Bob said...

Good morning, Laroo. In the mood for a little goose, goose, cluck? :)

Happy Fryday, girl.

La Roo said...

Good Morning.
I'm so done with rainy day schedule. Off to the Gallery today. Probably will start a new painting.
Yay!! the weekend is here!!