Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Friday Night Talent Show

In my mind this little dude has walked into a neighborhood night club or bar, not knowing but finding out there is a talent show being held. This average Joe has no place being here or has no real talent to his name. Ernesto makes the best out of his surroundings and does what he knows. He's a master of the yo-yo. He trucks his awkward self on stage and gives them all he's got.


Bob said...

CUTE! You just have to take this bird to Canned Coon. Prop him up with a thong in his mouth or a bikini top . . . while basking on the beach.

CarynSKA said...

That little bird is sooo cute!
I wish I had half your talent!
You go!

Bigger said...

Why why why. I can not get it to play. none of them!!!! this day is going down fast... I know i have done something wrong to my computer I just dont know what. I will figure it out soon enough.

La Roo said...

Bigger they are not playing for me either. Maybe it's in the Blogger system??

La Roo said...

CarynSKA- I've gone to school to learn to do what I do. You could do it. It's fun finding your personal style once you get a good foundation.

Bob- Maybe I could have him lap dancing a donkey.