Saturday, January 23, 2010

Can't pass up a sign like that.

Just driving around after going to Lee's sandwiches for lunch, we looked up at a stop light and both saw this sign. How can you not go to a Big Fucking Sale. So we turned and followed the signs, which lead us into a little industrial area. It was in a warehouse/shop. We went in and it had no more than broken 70's furniture, an American flag the size of my house and mostly bottom of the barrel junk. It was run by early 30's tweakers. One good box of treasures held old house hardware, which we love.
In the box were these iron wall sconces, 25 bucks for all 3. We thought was a good deal.

These were our big find at the tweaker warehouse. We will refurbish them and probably put them on our permanent shed in our back yard. It will go along with the spanish theme of our 1920's house.


Bob said...

What I've seen of your home I just love. My style/era of a place. If there were a bungalow or a craftsman style home in Cowtown for the right price I'd buy it in a NY minute. Love your new sconces. Worth the 25 bucks.

Gray said...

*laughs* You are right, how could you not go to that sale!

La Roo said...

Thanks Bob, we really love our house. It's small but sweet. We completely did a re-do about 4 years ago.I think it would be too small for Bobs taste. ???? Your Moterhome is bigger than our house. :)

Gray- Im still getting a chuckle about it today. It doesn't take much to amuse me.:)