Wednesday, December 30, 2009

It's all about the food.

Going to spend New Year's Eve with small group of friends. A frolicking night to oil up and play naked Twister. Yeah right.
I'm in charge of breakfast. French toast (Alton Brown's recipe) with all the gooey fixin's, bacon (hubby calls it "gods food"), fruit... to somehow make us not feel so guilty about eating the other shit.


An Artist Exposed said...

Enjoy. Every good wish for 2010.

Bob said...

All about the food? Hells bells! It's all about naked Twister, girl. Better get to waxing in anticipation of losing the shirt off of your back. Have fun!

Bob said...

Happy New Year, Laroo. Here's a link to a Dear Abby column I happened upon in this morning's paper. It's worth reading as I think it's a great start in terms of intent for all of us to the new year.

How did nekked Twister turn out last night? :)

La Roo said...

Artist- And a happy new year to you!

Bob ,No shirt losing, I know much to your disappointment..... I guess and mine and probably hubby's.Just not the kind of friends you go "there" with. Happy New Year Bob. I did read the dear Abby you sent and I agree and try to already live by most, although need to work on some letting go.

Bob said...

Crisco party defined: Everyone gets naked and slathers up with Crisco - - - and rolls with whatever happens.