Saturday, January 2, 2010

I don't want to, but I might not have a choice.

Thinking about going private. Or invite only or whatever it's called. Too many of my friends signing up with blogger.
I really don't want to do this, but the alternative is to just get rid of this blog all together.
Because to just go straight vanilla would just go against my grain. I know I'm not wild but most of the things on my blog would blow away people I know.
There would be no purpose for me to have a blog if I couldn't just write or post pics that I wanted.
This is my little escape, my little world, my place to vent, my place to meet people of the same interests, my place to get naked.

It just doesn't seem like it will be the same.

I'm up in the air about this.


C said...

you can keep your blog and have it accessed by "invitation only" friends. then only give out the password or whatever, to whom you wish!

please include me, i would miss you!


Bob said...

Please go private and don't give up the blog. We've been blogging pals for more than a year . . . maybe a year and a half. I'd have to go into Rehab to kick the Laroo habit. Only thing - the Rehab facility I'd check into is but two doors down from your home. Now, you wouldn't want Bob two doors down, would you?

Ding, dong. Laroo's doorbell rings. She opens the door. There's Bob buck naked on her doorstep. Laroo pauses to think, Now there's a real ding dong!

Bob: Can I borrow a cup of Tequilla? Oh, and some nachos, too?

Hubby calls out from the back of the house: "Who's at the door?"

Laroo: It's Bob again this time wanting Tequilla. Last time it was Jack and Coke. Time before that he wanted Sex on the Beach and he wasn't talking drinks.

Hubby: Don't make me come out there. Tell Bob to get back to rehabbing and to stay the ding dong off the porch . . . hear?!

Bob overhears the conversation and scoots off the porch and down the street . . . back to the rehab house . . . still sorrowful that Laroo closed her blog. He's thinking that blogging would never ever be the same again. Rehab is going to take a very long time.

Tim said...

I have just discovered your blog! I enjoy its' honesty and intensity, and if you went private I would like to be included in the list of those who could access it. You are a fine writer, and in this day, honesty is a truly refreshing thing.

13messages said...

If you go private, I hope to follow you there. My best to you.

marquisdgore said...

As always, do what you think best for you.

Hope to be invited if you do go private

An Artist Exposed said...

Its a tricky dilemma. hope that you will be somewhere I can still find you. All the best for 2010

Bigger said...

I can understand why you would go private. I just request an invite. I have enjoyed reading your blog. Even though I just started before Christmas. I find my daily inspriration here.

The world according to Gaz said...

Please La Roo if you have to go private and make it invitation only can i be included? Have been a follower of your blog for awhile and love catching up on whats going on in your part of the world.

La Roo said...

C- For now I think I've decided to fly free and if I ever do go into hiding, I would not leave you out.

Bob-I was kinda going into Bob withdrawls just thinking about it. I appreciate the great story of you moving down here, 2 houses down from me for rehab. You'd be moving in with the closeted gay guy who wears a gold anklet , penny loafers, and davy dukes. :)
They are Daisy duke like short shorts, but his name is Dave.
You wouldn't be borrowing tequila from us....we don't drink anymore. But do keep an old bottle in our earthquake survival kit. That's another story.
Thank for the love.

Tim-you are to kind. I think I'm staying for now. Please come by anytime.

13- For now, I'm staying. I like following you too!
Thanks for being you.

marquis-Thanks for the support.

Artist-I'm still around and I wouldn't go without tracking you down. ;)

Bigger-Awww, who would have thought I'd inspire???? That's neat. Thanks.

Gaz- I would not leave without telling you. At this moment in time, I'm staying put.

Thanks everyone for wanting to follow me in my little quirky journey and all the warm fuzzies really made my day.

eva said...

I hope I get invited if you ever choose to go private! Oh and happy new year! :) I wonder what 2010 will bring !?

D said...

go private but do include me I enjoy reading you


Crash said...

sigh - I understand where you're at - but it's sad on a lot of different levels - if you're not here one day when i come to visit, then you oughta know that I've always been glad you were there previously - travel well, do whats right for you eh?. hugs.

Paul an uncommonly ordinary blog

annalise said...

ur too cool to go private and too cool to care. be urself. u rock ^_^