Saturday, October 24, 2009

Wayne Thiebaud

(check it out)

We went to the Pasadena Museum of California Art today.
Wayne Thiebaud (Tee-bow) was the main reason we went.
This picture above doesn't do him justice.
He paints a lot of bakery type items, delicatessens, and also great landscapes.
His use of color is fabulous especially in the shadows and his use of thick paint goes right along with his subject matter. It's as if it was frosting instead of paint on the canvas.
Got a little culture today.


Gray said...

What an awesome painter! Sounds like a great weekend.:)

Sexsage said...

At first I thought, oh wow, La Roo can bake like no one else! Lol.

La Roo said...

Gray-He's a California painter, he's been painting for 70 years. I adore his work. Hubby is using him as his "copy of a master" in our painting class. It worked out perfectly that he was showing so close. Hubby needed to go see his work for class.

Actually Sexsage, I love to bake and can decorate pretty good, but not as wonderful as his paintings.