Thursday, October 22, 2009

Space Invaders

My Moms house was broken into yesterday and I'm so thankful she wasn't there. She was with me, thank goodness. She got home and was doing her little pitter puttering around the kitchen and then decided to go to her bedroom for something and saw her curtain blowing. Then realizing her window was broken out. She called me first, I told her to call 911. The intruder had taken one of those lawn ornament flag holders and smashed the window, then conveniently takes one of her wrought iron chairs and puts it by the window to climb in. This was a quick job, because all he took was a jewelry box with costume jewelry,with maybe a few small gold chains. He or She (I guess)? didn't take other stuff that was readily available to him. I mean stuff that was way more valuable than that little box. It was so cute, my mom was checking her curio cabinet and was amazed they didn't taken any of her antique figurines. The cops said, "mam, they are looking for money and jewelry." But those things are more valuable to her, which I guess is a good thing, because they didn't take them.
Hubby and sister also came to be with mom. Hubby boarded up the window until glass guys come this morning. We cleaned up glass and made sure mom felt comfortable. What a nice hubby.
I've always feared something happening to my mom. She is my sweet mom and my sweet friend and the thought of something happening to her makes me sick. I always try to remind her safety wise to do things and try to protect her as much as I physically can. I'm so glad she didn't walk in on this person. I'm so glad she's OK.


13messages said...

I'm glad she's okay. That's scary stuff.

Bob said...

Sounds like kids or druggies. Our home was broken into a long time ago. We felt violated and a loss of privacy. Nothing important was taken other than coins, a jewelry box (costume stuff) and my Buck knife. The cops said that it was probably kids.

Now when we move into a new home an alarm system is installed. Depending on the bells and whistles it can be expensive or not expensive. Monitoring is just $35 a month. Cheap security. Plus the home can be alarmed while you're there which adds to a secure feeling during the night (all areas alarmed except MBR). Most systems have a panic alarm. Press two buttons on the keypad and a silent alarm is sent to the monitoring service - - - the cops are immediately dispatched. Your mom might want to look into a system. There's nothing like peace of mind.

Sorry she had to go through this but very happy she's okay.

IronBear138 said...

I'm glad your mom is ok. I've had my house and car broken into a few times and it really sucks. Once, all they took were all my heavy metal cds from my car. Probably just a bunch of stupid kids. Sounds to me like this was some druggie looking for quick cash.

La Roo said...

Thanks 13, Bob, and Ironbear.

Bob, I'm going to mention an alarm to her today and see what she feels about it. I know she's not going to want one, but sometimes I can be a good persuader.

This is scary to me, actually it freaks me out more than it does her. She's very "fine" with it.
Now that's another subject. :)

Bob said...

If mom decides to talk to alarm company be careful who you choose. There are firms out there that will rip you off big time. Ask around to see who has alarms and who they recommend or don't recommend.

We're with a locally owned company. Been here since Christ was a corporal. Reliable. Fair. Service oriented.

Let me know if mom decides to go with an alarm company and I'll e-mail what bare minimum system she should have . . . so at least she'll know what works for what she needs.