Friday, September 4, 2009

Pink Penguins in the Desert or Dirty Squirrels (because I wanted to)

i don't really think there are such things as "dirty" people, only dirty attitudes. there is nothing inherently dirty about some one's raw sensuality (which has its own intrinsic quality), and it shouldn't be seen as such.

Lobo007 wrote this as a comment on my post Get down get Dirty. When I read this it really made me think. I was putting myself in a category as dirty or nasty because I didn't know where else to put myself. I don't think of myself as either one of those, besides the fun of hearing my hubby say," you dirty girl". What it comes down to is, my raw sensuality and the fact that I am comfortable to let it show. It has been a haul to get to this happy place and in a way I'm kind of proud. Some people never let themselves feel pleasure. We are held to such standards that it is hard to break those barriers. I know because I was one of those people up until about 7 years ago. I have slowly progressed into my "own".

Thanks Lobo007 for your comment.


Luv said...

Welcome to the other world that is not bounded by conventional (especially North American) standard. You are truly free only when you believe there is nothing dirty in whatever you do. There are exciting things on the other side and you can't get there if you think that it is wrong.

MarquisdGore said...

Glad to see you bounce back from your unhappy place a few posts back.

You looked so sad and disappointed and it was frustrating to see you that way and have nothing to do to help you except throw tons of love your way and hope it helped.

Got gobs more ready if you need it, as do the others I'm sure.