Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Morning Light

I look like hell in the morning, but these sheer curtains made me feel pretty.


13messages said...

That is a very beautiful shot.

Gray said...

The pictures is beautiful. Mornings are not my best time either. I can't do the whole roll out of bed looking sexy thing. Damn it. :)

Bob said...

If this is what hell looks like in the morning I'm ready to take it on any time.

Jake lara said...

Thats nice, I've been away for a few days without the intertubes. Sorry to hear about your probs with the blog. If you made it invite only for a short while (don't forget to invite me! :) invite all the people that love it, that would let you relax and enjoy it so you feel happy about it again. Then you might feel you can risk another period of being open.

Luv said...

Romantic. Mysterious.
Looks like you just had your wake-up sex with jam and toast. I like jam on a naked body. Spreaded all over, and a big dollop at all the hills and valleys. Strawberry jam. Yum.

Sexsage said...

Hello, I just found your blog today thanks to the very lovely 'Richard'.

I come across many inspirational people, but I must say that you are one in a billion (not merely just a million).

Your last post touched my heart dearly. If there is anything that I may help you with, even if it's just for a chat, please don't hesitate to get in touch. I will cover any costs incurred. xoxo

An Artist Exposed said...

I love this photograph.... subtly teasing and - yes - beautiful.

La Roo said...

13 thanks

Gray I'm glad you understand. :)

Bob awwww, you little devil.

Jake I missed you. I'm just going to plug along here and I just know that certain things have to be kept separate.

Luv I like raspberry. ;)

Sexsage, thank you for your kindness and thanks to Richard for sending you here.

Artist I like to be somewhat subtle. :)

Alfredo said...

That's just a feeling, that's just in your mind. And also is only one side of the coin. So there are times when we feel good and times when we feel lousy. But taht's OK, we wouldn't know how it feels to feel good if we never fel bad.

Oh, and the picture is really beautiful.