Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bad Flashbacks

My friends have been telling me, "you need to get on Facebook". It just hasn't interested me and I feel like I already spend too much time here.
Hubby and I checked it out and he ended up signing up. I have not. I wanted to ponder it a bit.
Seeing how everyone from your past comes flying back to you in an instant doesn't wow me. It is actually quite disturbing. I felt myself being sucked in and down like a drain. My younger years were filled with deaths, operations, leg braces, back brace, being teased, not being able to do what others did, all while just trying to grow up. I had a mother that loved me deeply, but because of her own issues of her upbringing didn't know how to deal with any of it. I floundered to deal with life, and not many helped and some made it worse. Facebook for me just flooded back those hard times and I didn't like that feeling. I don't know if it is the people as much as the time frame. Little bit of the people and a lot of the time frame, I suppose.
I have come such a long way in acceptance of myself. Right know this is where I feel empowered and in control.


MarquisdGore said...

Your instinctive reasoning is solid on the subject of FaceBook. It's full of people you don't need to meet.
Let your husband test it out, you'll see you made the right decision not to sign up.

Keep yourself in your happy place, here among readers/fans that support you. No need to poke a skunk and that's all FaceBook is.

Always nice to see your smile

Bob said...

I'm on Facebook and must admit that it's nice to touch bases with someone from the past Part V and up...and not anyone from the past Parts I through IV. Hated most of the experiences in those periods.

Facebook is whatever you want to make of it. Ain't no thang to get in a dither about. Just one more time waster to contend with that's all....we all need less time sitting in front of the screen and more time letting the artist inside of us OUT!

That said, I've decided to do a photo essay that focuses on a specific part or area of a sailboat. Getting back into this medium is a long time coming and way overdue. The plan is to shoot the three or four dozen boats moored on the lake with that in mind. Should be fun. Should be interesting. Should allow the artist inside me to be free!

Richard said...

You have a real life, you don't need face book.
Don't look for trouble. Avoid the social network sites. If not a virus, bad headaches.

La Roo said...

Marquis - I think for now I'll just stay here. I am pretty content with things.

Bob- I'm very excited about your photo essay, are you going to share? I know you take great pictures but didn't realize Bob had passion for it.
Be Free Bob! Run like the wind!
(as for facebook, I'll let hubby touch base first.)
(Do you get touched at first base?)

Richard- Sounds like you speak from experience?

CarynSKA said...

Personally, I like facebook. I've reconected wuth people I haven't talked to in years, and been able to avoid the people I don't want to be around.
I won't lie, I mostly use it to join crazy groups (People Who Are Secretly Baked Goods for one) and play the games... Lots of games, some of them quite addicting.
Ultimatly, it's up to you. Whatever you decide I'm sure it will be the best decision for you.

If you do decide to join facebook, just remember, there are lots of friends out there, not just bad memories.

Bob said...

I'll wait for hubby and his Facebook invitation. I'd look him up but there are a gaaa zillion people on it with his first and last name.

Athena said...

Facebook is kind of a weird thing. Anyway, I wanted to say that I really, really love your blog. How open and honest you are. It's very refreshing and inspires me. :-)

eva said...

Facebook is great for keeping in touch with friends and seeing what they're up to, but it can become a lot of stresss really fast. I haven't been feeling like checking my facebook account for in ages.

You decide who you want to accept as friends though, and most people take no notice if you don't add them or accept their friend request. I've deleted tons of people from my facebook friend-list, and they still talk to me. You could use it to only stay in touch with special, ace close people.

C said...

hi toots, i dont blame you for not doing facebook. the past is just the past however if it hurts us in anyway to revisit it.... why should we? i am not a fan of facebook either. i have my blog and it is my hobby. diane has a facebook account so my name is on there cuz of that, and my kids. i still choose to just blog.
thank you for sharing about some of your past as you did. its nce to learn more about you laroo.

stay true to your heart as always. i too only found myself in the later years of life and have overcome alot of painful shit from the early years. we shouldnt let anyone or anything take away all we have worked for.

love ya,


Jake lara said...

You realize your hubs will now spend all his time playing yoville or setting up a virtual farm or Zoo or playing srabble ha ha who needs a life :)