Thursday, July 30, 2009

Love ones self

This video is sexual, so consider yourself warned.
In my little world, I feel like I have to be or act a certain way. I have chosen to do this in order to let myself be free, at least here I can do so. My blog is where I can totally let my guard down. So I did, Is it right? I don't know for sure. Did I enjoy it? Oh Yeah. Will I regret it? Maybe, but I don't want to suppress it anymore. Please enjoy.

I got it out of my system and now it's been deleted.


13messages said...

That was wonderful. Thanks for sharing. The effects (black
& white, dark) were stirring and added to the sensuality beautifully.

Oh, and you inspired me to do the same, just not on camera. :)

Bob said...

Very nice. . . sensual . . . often wonder what sounds certain women make . . . know we know yours. Damn, that's good. Were you thinking, "Having fun, wish you were here?" :)

I was.

Gray said...

Wow, that was amazing. The dark only enhanced the whole thing. You make the cutest noises! Loved it! And thank you for sharing it with us!

La Roo said...

!3, It was intended to be a bit lighter, but actually I think it left a little to the imagination. Thanks though.

Bob, I'm definitely not quiet, be it with my hubby or myself. I just let it go. To me it makes it more fun (if that's the word for it).
Oh, you were here. :)

Gray, I don't know if my noises are cute, but thanks. It's what comes out of me, I have no choice. :) Glad you liked it. It was kind of a rush to share with everyone.

Bob said...

I was there? That is sweet. So that was what I felt between 7 and 8 this morning. And then even though I don't smoke I really wanted to have a cigarette and go back to bed for a snooze. The earth moved for me and for you?

Richard said...

Nicely done. It tickles the imagination with dark video and exciting sound.

MarquisdGore said...

Well, that was by far the sexiest lamp video I've ever seen(it was really dark)Wishs I could'
ve seen a little of what was giving yuo so much pleasure.

Probably my computer settings, others seem to have seen something.

Will there be a future sequel(s)?

Maybe one lamp on both sides of you?


Anthony F said...

Forget Beautiful Agony. Might I suggest ;)

Bear / Oso said...

Very sensual effects, especially your "pleasure sounds". The dark does make it kind of misterious but maybe a little more light (just a little) would make it more erotic. Perhaps for the next one?

This was very brave of you! Don't stop, keep reaching out for new experiences in your life.

Jake lara said...

Yay!!! 4 orgasms in a row!, thats it, your just too lucky, I'm getting a sex change :) it was a little too dark on my screen but that doesn't matterthanks for sharing some thing intimate in a really honest way that was great! Laroo your amazing!! :)

Bob said...

Gee, I think the input for this video makes a strong statement for an encore. Encore! Encore! ENCORE!

Ya think?

La Roo said...

Thanks for all the input, and I will probably make another one. I don't know when. It might be a little lighter.:)
I had fun and never claimed to be professsional, so this is what we get.
I had taken 3 videos before I decided on this one...thus the 4 th orgasm.

Nicholas said...

So sorry I missed! :(