Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pleasure is beautiful.
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Ever since I did my ISM folio, I've had thoughts of doing yet another and seeing if it will get accepted. I haven't done the shoot yet because their is truly an art to doing it and I haven't thought of my set ups that I want to do. I have some in mind though.
The other thing I'd think I'd like to try is Beautiful Agony. Check out the website, it's pretty fun and quite different. Click the preview at the top left of their page and see what I mean.
I actually took a video my own little Beautiful Agony this morning and thinking about posting it.
We'll see.


Gray said...

Good MOrning!

*blushes* thank you so much for your comments. Most of what I write is from the "know" and a good portion of what I write is what I want to experience. The rest is just for fun. Not very specific huh? *laughs*

I definitely think you should post your video! Pleasure is beautiful. But I've been a proponent of this the whole time. AND not just for selfish reasons either.;) *laughs*

the eternal list said...

you'd be the queen of beautiful agony, go for it!

Bob said...

The agony and the ecstasy? Now there's a theme.

ya think?