Monday, May 18, 2009

All is Good.

This has been a big month for this chick. Although I have the urge to blog, getting the notion to do it is another thing. I always seem to be busy doing other things or just don't know what to write. I don't want to quit and I won't. I guess it's just a little lull. 
Anyways, We had a great opening at our gallery on May 9th. We had 89 pieces total and sold 22 so far. I think we hit our market for the time being. With them being only 2 or 3 inches, they were a bit more affordable. Because right now with the bad economy NO ONE is buying art. And that's understandable. I continue working on the itty bitties to fill holes where the others have sold. This show is up till about the middle of June.
Also, I will be entering the OC fair with one of my pieces. The fair is a good way to get your name out there. In the past, I've entered myself into the amateur division of the fine arts. This will be the first year to enter the professional division. I'm required to do that because I am selling on a regular basis. I guess that's where I am and I'm pretty ok with that. It's a good advertising gig with thousands of people viewing your work for a month... for like a 15 buck entry fee. That's so worth it to me.
Something that is pretty cool that happened the other day is......I got a new chair!! Yeahhhh!! I ordered it a month and a half ago, and it finally is complete. It's custom made, so it takes a while.
It's been almost 6 years since I've gotten a new one. It's like getting a new car and wardrobe all in one. It's very nice and I have become one with it quite quickly. My other one was getting pretty worn down and uncomfortable. I guess that's what happens when you sit, roll, do home improvement, paint, yard work, dance, go to school, vacation..........and just live. We got a killer deal that I will explain on another post when I unveil the ass attachment. 
I will try to be a better blogger.


Richard said...

Blogs are fun, but take care of business first.
Hope the sales pick up.

eva said...

PROFESSIONAL! way to go! i think it's totally worth 15 dollars to be called professional!

Bob said...
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Bob said...

I deleted the previous post. It seemed okay at the time. Next day I didn't think it was still okay. Glad to see you're still posting now and then . . . and that you have a new, totally bitching new chair. That rocks.

Bob said...

In the post removed, I didn't want to sound too very "flippant" as I often come across as being. You're the last blogger I want to offend.

No name yet but leaning (at least for today) towards SPARKLE PLENTY. Ever read Dick Tracy comics? Sparkle was the daughter of B.O. Plenty (and he did stink) and Gertrude Plenty. . ..

An Artist Exposed said...

I'm glad that things are selling. Just when I think that things are slowing down, I make sales so don't give up hope of more sales.

Welcome to the ranks of the professionals - you deserve to be there:-)

Its a shamne that my trip to the US will miss CA this time - I would have loved to have seen your work "in the flesh"

La Roo said...

Nope sorry Bob, didn't do the Dick Tracy thing. I do however like Sparkle Plenty as a name. I can take a joke, so don't worry about offending me. Thanks for thinking of me though.

Artist Exposed, so glad you came by. Thanks for the encouragement. I would also love to see your work as well. Please tell me again, what kind of art do you do? Do you sell in a gallery? You do photography? I cant remember, so sorry.