Sunday, March 15, 2009

Show and tell.

This is my baby girl. She's a Senegal parrot. Basically, she's a one person bird and I happen to be that person. She loves my husband and a handful of others, but doesn't let them hold and touch her like she does me. I have been bit, and it hurts like hell. You wouldn't think a little bird would be able to give that much pressure in a bite, but they can....believe me. I think we've had her 15 yrs now and she still makes me smile everyday. She can talk a little but only on her terms, and laughs like me. Music and snapping your fingers makes her dance, and it's the cutest thing. We take her places like Home Depot or to lunch (if we eat outside). We are always asked or told the dumbest things. 
For example:
Is that real?  Me - uh no, wacky wheelchair gal likes to roll around with fake bird on her shoulder to look like a pirate.
Awwww poor birds like that have to be caged. Me - Listen lady this bird has it better than most kids. She gets fresh fruits and veggies everyday, cleaned, and loved. She hangs out on the top of her cage all day and for fuck sakes we take her to lunch.
People themselves are strange birds and just let stuff come out of there mouth. ( I always threaten to strangle the next person who looks at me and asks me ,..... you wanta race).?


eva said...

awww she's SO CUTE!!!! i've only started to take an interest in birds recently - they can be so clever!! and get really attatched to people too. he he and i agree with you on how a lot of people seem to just let random rubbish come out of their mouths ;) it would be really FUNNY if you rolled around with a fake parrot on your shoulder for effect - but i don't know how realistic it is to expect it?

Bob said...

New meaning to the term, Flip you the bird! Okay, old meaning. Whatta cutie.

When someone asks if you wanna race say, "I don't know what race you're talking about. The only race I'm in is the human race and guess what, I'm winning! OR,

That's so very fucking original. Like I've never heard that before? Stuff a sock in it, would ya! OR

What?! I don't really need this. You see, I'm an actress and practicing for a part that I have in a film. The script calls for me to be in a chair and its called, Laroo Does The Gallery. I think I'm finally getting the hang of wheeling this thing around. Wanna see me do a wheelie?

Shit. Some people.

La Roo said...

Those are good come backs, I do say...what? I didn't hear you, because it makes them say it again. Usually, the second time it comes out, you can see the cogs turning in there brain realizing what they said, but have to repeat it. I feel if they can make me uncomfortable, I can turn it back at them.

Richard said...

It's a very pretty bird. so colorful.

Chica said...

You would make an excellent pirate la roo ;)

I can't believe you've had that bird for 15 years! You have the coolest family.