Friday, March 13, 2009

I literally have no balance, but I think I found one.

The creativity coming from my brain right now is on overload. I've tried to pin point why the flood gates have opened. I just keep coming back to the fact that I'm content and quite comfortable within myself,( which I don't find to be a common happening). Therefore, I guess this is enabling me to let the imagination go. I have four paintings in progress as of now and just keep coming up with all sorts of ideas. I'm letting myself artistically go in directions that I never thought would ever be possible. My last piece was done with such a confidence that is almost kind of scary to me. Scary in a good way, but just something that seems completely natural that I've fought so hard to find... and wow there it is. Kind of like learning to ride a bike, one day you find your balance, and you just know how the rest of your life. I've had the tools and the know how in regards to painting for a while now, and I've been going through the motions. As of late I can honestly say artistically I'm in the beginning stages of finding my "balance".


Bob said...

Life without balance can be horrible. I look at balance much like dancing a waltz (if I knew how to dance a waltz). Poise. In tune/in time/in harmony to the music of life. Looks like you've learned to "dance", Laroo.

Now get out there and shake your booty! :)

eva said...

confidence is really important to be good at painting. i keep loosing my confidence when i paint, it makes the process harder. i hope i can find my balance soon too :)