Saturday, March 28, 2009

Another "C" Word

The comfort spot. I think we all search for. A place where you feel you can go, be it in your mind or in your heart or physically. You can't buy it, though some think they can. A connection with someone you've known and just that certain comfort level that pulls your inner being to a center to say every things ok. Finding your comfort spot isn't easy and when found it can be lost if you're not careful. It starts with knowing who you are and staying true to that. 
I've found my comfort spot several times and lost it many more times. As I look back I see where I chose to let others decide what is right or wrong for me. But even the right wasn't right, it was wrong. Being the person I am today, I still struggle, but I do have a mind of my own and can let myself decide was is best for me. Comfort for me is doing things that I know how and knowing that I am capable of doing. Letting myself realize I have the reigns to lead myself to happiness. Art brings me to that comfort zone, I know it's just part of me, it always has been. Sex is another comfort zone, I have to find it more than I'd like to admit. I let it go and must recreate it now and then. But when I do, because of the comfort level with my hubby, there is nothing that feels more right and comfortable. Comfort is knowing someone loves me unconditionally. The shower is a comfort spot for me, I sing, I cry, I masturbate, my thinking area, I love water. Working in the yard and baking brings me to that spot. My husband, laughing, my mom, the bird, the dog, my blanket (which is another story),swimming, laying in the sun, creative thinking,dancing, friends, cookies, frosting, being confidant about who I am in my chair and I'm sure much all is what puts me in my comfort spot.


Richard said...

Great post. I never gave any thought to my own comfort zone. You forced me to think.

La Roo said...

When you are in that place at that moment, you just know. When you know, to be aware of it just enhances two fold.
:) Laroo

Bear / Oso said...

As far as what a comfort zone is for me, I would just like to add, that it is taht place were we are in the moment, doing whatever that makes us forget there is a world out there. we are just doing whatever without any thought for anything else