Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Stepping Stones.

I'm in the final stage of finishing up my dachshund painting. Whew! It has been a long haul. I have also used that as final stepping stone to move on to different kinds of subject matter. The process of coming up with ideas and composition straight from the old brain. This is exciting and fun because this is something I'm doing for myself. Who knows if it will fully work, but it's totally worth the try.
Having art in my life is so important and I'm learning that more and more. It doesn't really matter what form it comes in, because it makes me think and feel. What's not good about that?


An Artist Exposed said...

I love art when it involves discovery - about me, the environment around me and also driving me forwards in terms of technique. The ending of a painting is as exciting as the start so I hope that you are pleased with your dachshund.

La Roo said...

Thanks artist exposed.
This is an exciting time for me as you can relate and just a new kind of start.
The dachshund painting is the one in the middle.

Jake said...

I thought you had some bra's hanging up there but it's a painting, thats good! I like paintings of things that aren't normally painted or in ways that aren't normally painted. Thats a nice pick if you too.

Tony Stark said...

I'm the same with music as you are with your art. I need it in my life, thats why I create