Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mind Games

My mind is in a fantasy world of so many ideas and yearnings. My mind likes to play with me, it gives me false hope and wanders down paths I can't control. Maybe it knows me too well, maybe it wants me to experience, maybe it wants me to fail. I fight everyday to be more and to allow myself the privilege of being me.


13messages said...

Good luck. My brain likes to fuck around, too.

kyles anima said...

Great photos! Wonderful that you can be proud of your body, and free, and have a loving partner. I am in a wheelchair and enjoy photography. oh, i also raise and sell dachshunds.

An Artist Exposed said...

Thank you for stopping by. I just read your blog from start to finish and loved it. You are such a sexy woman - and an artist. Your husband is such a lucky guy. Looking forwards to returning many times.

Anonymous said...

Hey la roo, I have an exciting email to send you but you have no email here :(

mine is if you can email me then I'll have yours.

ps. you're so spunky xo