Thursday, September 18, 2008


Yes, this is me blonde.

Anyways, this is me painting around the crawl space at my house.
I do lots of things people don't think I'm able.
I know more about the guts of a home and it's yard than the average person would care to.
People assume that, one because I'm a girl that I wouldn't have a clue.
And two I'm a girl in a wheelchair. (she needs to be in a corner knitting)!
This shouldn't be something that I should really be proud of, but I am.
I've sledged hammered the lath and plaster out of my kitchen. (the walls).
I've stained and cut wood with power saws, drilled holes.
I've work in the yard, pulling, digging, moving earth, laying sod, and planting.
I help with drywall, plumbing, and electrical.
I scraped tar off our floors and acoustic off the ceilings,sanded and painted.
All the while I designed, planned, and scheduled, and did a lot of clean up.
The designing and planning are of course my favorite parts.
But In order to make it nice there is a lot of labor involved.
Yeah I did need help getting up off the ground or help lifting heavy things, etc.
And yes the majority was done by my husband.
Yet still to this day, even people who we've showed and told of what we've done, say what a great job
that my husband did and always say that I picked out really good colors.
Even the people that saw us sweating our asses off, put me only in the color category.
Like I said in the beginning, people assume.

I love it when someone will ask my husband a construction type question,
I'll answer it, and they look at me like I don't know what I'm talking about.
They look at him like okay what do I really need to do,
and he'll say... she just told you.


An Artist Exposed said...

Looks like I need you to come help rebuild my studio.

Is the blonde look a new thing... or an older photo??

La Roo said...

This chicks tool belt is hung up for a while. :)
But if you need advice pleases feel free to ask.

I was blonde most of my life.This pic was taken a while back. At the beginning of this last year I yearned for a change in the worst possible way. I toyed with the red idea but was scared of such a drastic change. The simplist use of words made it ok. My husband said "It's just hair" You can always dye it back.
In May I took the plunge and have really been enjoying my fun cherry cola color.
Maybe too much info, huh? O'well.
Have a good day.

Jake said...

People make these assumptions because the achievements of many people in wheelchairs has been hidden. I found this article fascinating

Britni said...

You definitely should be proud! It's not something stupid at all. I can't do any of those things, and I'm NOT in a wheelchair.

La Roo said...

Jake, I tried to go to the article, I guess it has been moved. Brief me.

Britni, you could do those things, if it was of importance to you.
Thanks for your encouragement though.

eva said...

assuming people winds me up, i'm happy every time i see someone else who makes an effort to prove people wrong - like you:)