Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Visitor

Today I saw a inspirational film, which was reminicent in someways of my own struggles. It was an independent film called the Visitor. The filming was great, and the storyline was even better. This movie was about finding ones self through others. Also, to come out of your box and let yourself enjoy life. The gifts people give to us by touching our lives come in many different packages and we need to embrace them.
I'm not a big movie buff, but if I think this one is worthwhile. This definitely was a keeper. Two Thumbs Up! :)


momentextase said...

I agree, totally cool film!

Tom McCarthy who made this film made another interesting and similar one -"The Station Master"

Took me a long time, in my own life, to finally figure out that life was putting amazing circumstances and amazing people in my path, I was so habituated to my own fears and resistances to change, I did not even notice!!! Oh well, better late than never!

One thing I liked about "The Visitor" is the way it hints that change and magic are blind to the past and stuff like age, nationality and ethnicity (things we have no control over) and how awesome changes can appear out of the blue. I love films like this.

Speaking of changes... I love the new picture you put up, alive, playful and so sexy!! All I can say is...yum!

La Roo said...

Thank you momentextase. I would like to check out the other movie you talked about. Has it been out for a while? I love independant films.

La Roo said...

momentextase and Jake, How come you don't have profiles? Just curious.

momentextase said...

Ooops! I realize I got the name wrong, its "The Station Agent". It's a few years old now, I first saw it on IFC about a year ago. It's about life changes (McCarthy seems to revel in that theme), character and friendship. All of that beyond what many think of as the norm.

Tried to blog once, but time is a real problem, we travel a lot, are too quirky to be coherent, and we both have so many interests... where to start?... where to end?! "We" is a stretch (blogging wise) since my mate dislikes typing and computers, which I find odd since airbrush, painting, pottery, welding and any way of doing art, technical or not, is the air she breaths. I think the deal is that I am more of the word person of the house, whereas she thinks and feels in forms and shapes and dimensions and sensations not anyone, even me, really grasps. She is quite ethereal,a bit shy and yet we swing...go figure. I suppose we meet on the wordless level of the spiritual,creative, sensual and sexual. In any case, we make quite the eccentrically yin-yang pair! lol!

Jake said...

Funny you should ask, I started it yesterday, I only signed on here so I could comment on my friends blog about her baby daughter and started using that ID to comment on other blogs. I've started my own blog too you can comment on it if you want :) Lol

La Roo said...

momentextase, Wow you sound like interesting people and such a great match. We are not swingers but like the whole sexual vibe around others. I can appreciate the lifestyle and would like to be in that type of genre' without the swap. I would like to know more about how you got into do this.

La Roo said...

Com'n Jake, I read your post. Give us something. LIke you bite your toenails or love hanging christmas lights or hate the 7th day of every other month.:)