Sunday, August 17, 2008

Everythings Fine

This weekend has been eye opening to say the least. It has been a whirlwind of unfamiliar people that I am very familiar with. Both my mom and my husbands parents had the audacity to show me what I will be like in my older years. That is, if I become numb to the life around me and look only straight ahead and go with what they taught. It's a vicious cycle, though they are all good people. Guess what? They went the route of what they were taught and didn't veer. Now they are ignorant close minded individuals. Sad. They don't want change or to experience life's unknowns. I don't want to be that way, as a matter of fact I choose to not be that way. It must be scary to be them, so insecure and frustrating to try to keep things fine. 


Jake said...

I eat my dinner with a small spoon and my folks think I'm mad, but I like to push the boat out and be adventurous :) Lol. I like climbing the tree in my garden too, it's not big enough for a swing tho. You could enjoy a swing it's a lovely feeling and praps some kind of bespoke small climbing frame. It exercises all kinds of muscle groups you don 't normally use.

Jake said...
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Jake said...

Ha ha deleted the post lets try again without the typo's :)

I'm not familiar with your exact physical state but you could climb on a climbing frame under water, assisted diving in a pool would be great but once your there what do you do, having obsticles and physical experiences would be good, you could try sex too :). I don't know how much your husband earns or how much a pool costs but I think the above ground ones are quite cheap, I have a myspace friend in the US who has one and she's a single mum.

La Roo said...

Jake, I'm not trying to be an idiot, but I don't know what your talking about. Does it pertain to this post? It's ok if it doesn't but I'm kinda lost. :)
Anyways, I do swim and I'm very physical and get out and do stuff. If that's what you're talking about? And my husband and I have crazy sex in sometimes crazy places. And I like swinging. Actually, I'd like to get a sex swing. ;)

Jake said...

Well if your not careful the net can be a bit like a formal meeting with everything being on topic and the subject being more important than the people, and where it's like that it feels a little unatural and impersonal to me.

I like to express myself as I would if I met someone in person so I naturally have a conversation and that can be a little random sometimes but the net to me is a way for people to meet each other and to me it's the people that are important and not the medium.

Anyway, I was gonna tell you all about how much my folks are like yours but that wouldn't change them and make them less conservative, even down to bothering about how I eat my peas :) So my mind started thinking about all the things I do that are not "normal" like being a grown man playing around climbing a tree, then I thought about how you could enjoy doing something like that too and water was the only thing I could think of that can bare you weight for you and let you move freely, sorry if it all seemed a little bit vague at your end :)