Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Right Brain Freak.

Artsy fartsy right brained person would describe the very being of me. I have always leaned towards art to satisfy me, because I know that's the one thing I know I'm good at.  I don't make art a major part of my life, like maybe I should. Sometimes I wonder if it's just a waste of time or worth the effort. I would like to of course make money doing art, but I don't have the proper education or much experience for the art world. I am intimidated by the whole thought and would like to find the right venue for me. My oil paintings bring me a sense of satisfaction. I do want to expand my subject matter even more, but something holds me back even with that.
I love being around people, especially those that stimulate my mind and soul, be it through art or some kind of sensuality.  I think they many times goes hand and hand. I fantasize quite a bit, and sometimes have a hard time separating it from reality. I am happiest when I'm sexual and when I'm surrounded with creativity. 


eva said...

post some pictures of your paintings!!

Anonymous said...

Yes I would love to see some pictures of your paintings too!

'I am happiest when I'm sexual and when I'm surrounded with creativity.' - mee too!

I'm not sure what kind of paintings you do but I would be happy for you to use any of my photos if they happen to give you inspiration for a painting.

xo chica