Thursday, August 14, 2008

Can someone in a wheelchair be sexy?

I don't know if i am sexy, but I am definitely sexual. There is also a bit of an exhibitionistic side to me. It makes me feel empowered . I guess to say to myself, you are more than the chair and you can get noticed, a side from your disability. Plus, quite frankly.... it turns me on and it's fun!
It took a lot of soul searching and being okay with myself to be able to untighten the restraints of my upbringing and become a sexual woman. Now, the only people that know that I'm this way, are my husband and a bunch of strangers. 


Anonymous said...

You are beautiful however you roll ;)

x chica

Jake said...

I'd say yes, people are still sexy when their sitting down.

Nice blog.

momentextase said...

Hi la roo,
Passion, creative and sexy, thats the vibe I get from your blog, you write so well, the pictures you have shared of yourself are quite magnetic, and that pinup slide show is really cool too.. outer world and inner world blend in such a compelling way on your blog!

There comes a time in everyone's life to cast off "the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune" (as Willy Shakespeare would put it) and also the repressions of self we may learn as we grow up...

Empowerment. Yes, very well and concisely expressed.

Ya know, the picture at the bottom of your blog, the very sexy one of you (in your wheelchair) -"PEEKABOO"- well, I find that one hugely sexy because I get a sense of such integration. Sure, maybe the wheelchair and FA is a part of your life, it can even be an important part without affecting your sexiness or sexuality at all. Not one bit, if anything -you sublimly define the wheelchair and make it part of your sexiness, it and FA does not define you in what I see or feel by seeing. Does that make any sense??

A comment on the colored photo just above... passion, passion passion. That is what I see. Wonderful, its that simple.

OK, so now I am starting to babble, along with wondering if I make sense- time to scram- so to answer the question:
"Can someone in a wheelchair be sexy?"
Yes! And you have resoundingly proved that! The look in your die for!!! la.

Sending energy your way on your sexy quest. Take care.-ME xox

Listener said...

Not as elequant as the comment above, but you simply are the defanition of sexy.

Love the blog


FntsyMn said...

Hello LaRoo

I think people are sexy, or sensual, or boring or whatever they are. Wheelchairs are just that, a wheel chair, it might be aerodinamic, or heavy, or soemthing like that.

So of course your're sexy, and if you just happen to be atached to a wheel chair part of the time, how about sexy-aerodinamic.

Grettings from Bear