Friday, August 16, 2013

Food and Sex

I have a weird or maybe enlightened sense to me lately. Not an overly happy one but some type of new something something.
I have a strong pull to just do something. Something that maybe I've pushed down for one reason or another. Be it not feeling smart enough, or listening to doubters, or wondering what people might think,
maybe just being scared to fail.
But I know myself. I just don't always believe in myself. I'm not sure fully why that is.
I don't always feel smart, especially if it has anything to do with numbers.
I'm not up on politics and don't feel I can just sit and have a some in depth conversation over much of anything.
In depth conversation about anything........?.....................anything? Wow I did just say that.
I don't feel normal. Many people in my life seem to just know about everything. I don't absorb things I guess. I float along with my little brain.

What I do enjoy talking about is sex and sexuality. I also like food and making food. I like to create and love my mind stimulated by seeing something I've never seen before. I love to fantasize.

I'm thinking about starting a small-tiny business. Maybe having to do with food, most likely healthy food and probably cookies. (yes cookies) If you're good with one , you can have the other.
(my wacky thoughts, but I'm serious)
I'm starting in a while by going to a seminar about starting a small business held by the SBA.

I've wanted to do this for a long time and was never supported on the idea and or also my timing during the  lull in the economy wasn't the best.  Who knows if it would work now , but I'm going to try.

That leads me to another avenue of thought................I feel this strong pull to do something with my life like this a business and the thoughts of a tiny restaurant were first on the table because that's what I thought Ive always wanted.
But , But, But ... If I am at my point of putting stuff on the table of what I want to do.  I would love to do something that deals with sexuality. I'm not quite sure what that is? I feel good embracing sexuality in its many forms. Even though I've been around more sensual sexual people than the general public I want more experiences. Not just physically, but mentally. I hold back. We hold back. I want to move forward. I'm done with being afraid someone will find out. Sex is beautiful and so natural and we all suppress it. (well not all, but most).
I want to work in some type of sex field. I don't want to do porn or prostitute. (I don't think I do)?
But I want to work with people with sexuality???? I don't know what that means exactly???
I want to talk about it, experience it, and help people feel comfortable???????

I know, food and sex....really?
Nope, I don't want them to mix.
I think the food thing is more feasible but it will kick my wheelchair ass and I know it.
And I haven't a clue what to do with the sex thing but it is very much a passion and usually if your passionate about something, you do well at it, right?

I'm  just being honest here.

Thoughts are so very welcome to this menagerie.


Advizor54 said...

You could open a cookie shop that holds sex-positive networking events while people bring food for a pot luck.

how's that?

Virgil Austin said...

Sex always sells.
I remember that comments were more prolific when your posts included nude shots of you. Even that very dark,short clip of you masturbating? drew a lot of interest. Use a floodlight and make another - then post it to They also have section for just pictures. I think you'd be surprised and pleased at the reaction you'd get. No need to show your face, but I know members of that site are always happy to see redheads with beautiful bodies showing off.
A DVD of 4 or 5 of those clips would sell well for you. I know I'd buy one.

Anybody can make cookies - there's only one LaRoo

ChiTown Girl said...

Virgil is on to something there....

How have you been, my friend. Miss you!!


La Roo said...

Advizor- I like that but im not sure how to go about that. Definitely a thought or part of a process. Thanks.

Virgil-I dont have the body or know how for DVD's but thanks for that. I do like messing around here though.
I'm flattered.
I want to interact with regular people and I don't know?

Chi Town Girl - I'm ok. Been better , been worse. LOL
You are too sweet. Maybe you and me need to get into shenanigans?

Virgil Austin said...

Sorry, I have to call a little BS on that "I don't have the body to do this" remark. I've been looking at/saving your shared pics (127 items including ISM pics) since 2009. Every single one of them better than 90& of the women who post movies & pictures on that site I mentioned.

Any newer PC should have a DVD viewer and most likely a DVD burner in the applications folder. My 2005 version iMac has both - along with tutorials on how to use them.

Once you've made the initial DVD head to WalMart to make all the copies you need and put me top of the list for purchase. :)

Did you ever purchase that rose covered bustier/basque/corset/whatever you call it, you wanted? A clip of you in that would be spectacular I think.

Do it lady. Trying and failing is infinitely better than failing to try.

Virgil Austin said...

La Roo said...

Virgil- Yeah probably not, but flattering. Not where I want to go with that.