Wednesday, May 29, 2013

90% done

I did the under painting as seen a couple posts down and now I'm glazing color on. I need a few more coats and wah la it will be ready for my next show in a week.
I'm going to try to squeeze in one more little tiny piece in before next week.


Bigger said...

Holy crap!! It looks like a 3d painting. I can see him standing away from the wall and feel like I can reach up and pull the paint peeling off the wall. That is an awesome painting.

Virgil Austin said...

The new direction you're taking with your subject matter appears to be enhancing your skills. Always a good sign. I stopped using oils a long time ago. Impatience with the extended drying times coupled with the introduction of acrylics was a very welcome relief from the frustrations of waiting.

Will you show the final product?

weeder said...

Long time reader, infrequent commenter here.

No updates in almost 6 weeks. Hope you're doing okay. No updates from Bob either, which is also concerning. Take care!