Monday, April 22, 2013

Going no where fast

I'm not supposed to be home, but I am. Because of the 1960's elevator at my school is broken for the umpteenth time. I was geared up to go to class and guess what? My class is on the second floor. So gearing up and lugging my paint supplies and canvas in and out of my car in a mere circus feat did not pan out today.

So let's blog.

This weekend we went out to dinner  and drinks with some high school friends who lead a pretty bland life but once in a while good to see them. They asked us over for jacuzzi after and we went. Upon arriving wearing my suit and a little cover up. I rolled over to the deck and needed to pop up my front wheels to get up one step on a deck and thought hubby was behind me to push me up (poor judgement on my part) and he wasn't and I flipped myself back in my chair. I china bowled my head, screwed up my back and bruised the heck out of my elbows and ego. After laying there a minute and regaining the fact of " what the hell just happened" Hubby got me up and we got in the Jacuzzi. I finished the eve a little sore and glad I went straight to the jacuzzi because it probably relaxed some stuff.  I did pay for it the next couple days. I went to chiropractor this morning and already feel better.
On a funnier note, Saturday we went to the Improv and saw Mitch Fatel, one of our favorite comedians. It was at an Improv not so close to our house. Not sure if you're aware but Mitch Fatel is open about being a swinger. So we knew there could be great possibility that the show could bring in that kind of crowd. That isn't the reason we chose to go, but it just came as kind of a side dish (LOL). We were standing out front waiting to get in before the show and scoping the crowd and we kept trying to see if we could pick out lifestyle people. There is a certain look, believe it or not. We are not always correct, but many times we are. This cute black guy smiled at me from across the way and I returned the smile back and then he came towards us. He says, you don't remember me do you? He looked familiar and then he mentioned one of the recent meet and greet places we went and instantly we remembered. I thought he was cute then and we had talked to him and his girlfriend for quite a while.
Hubby wasn't really attracted to the girlfriend at the time and neither was I. Beside the point...Anyways.
Funny part is, obviously he's in the lifestyle but he wasn't there for the show. He happened to be the manager of the place and just had recognized us. We're kinda hard to forget. Tall blond dude and redhead in a wheelchair.  He got us in first and sat us in awesome 2nd row seats and made sure we were taken care of. I gave him my art business card and told him if he was ever in our town to give us a ring. The show was great, we picked out a few people that we honed in on as swingers and just had fun. Towards the end in between acts they played the song "I'm sexy and I know it" as a buffer. As soon as it went quiet "manager guy" leaned over a little pony wall next to wear I sat leaned over to me and whispered in my ear, "you're sexy and you know it". It made me giggle a bit and of course blush. He winked. It made me feel good. I told hubby what he said and he just smiled.

We drove home late night and ended up going to a local restaurant bar in our little downtown area. They do karaoke on Saturday nights, we however don't sing but laugh and watch. We met up with a friend who was also ending his evening there and we shut the place down at 2am.

My husband was looking fine all night. My mind was filled all nught with wanting to jump his bones and we did just that when we got home.


Mind Of Mine said...

What a strange description of your friends. Bland. What makes them so uninteresting.

La Roo said...

Mind of Mine- Good question.
I think I find that they have "just settled". Which isn't bad..............I find it kinda sad. They used to be vibrant and silly and off color. Now they are reserved and and tell the same stories each time we see them. Not a bad thing and I'm sure we do the same thing sometimes.
I see shells of what they used to be. I want to scream to them, Let Loose a little! But obviously there is something that has structured them this way and I have to just accept that.
So decscribing them as bland might be a bit insensitive? That's how I feel.

Bob said...

Since I've become temporily disabled I have become more atuned to those who are permanently disabled...and a greater empathy has been instilled into my know the old saying Don't be critical unless you walk a mile in their shoes...well, I've walked more than a mile and will I ever be thankful to get fully back on my game!!

La Roo said...

Bob- I get where you are coming from. Even having my disability I am empathetic to people worse off than me. I am blessed with what I can do and my life is rich. I don't like my wheelchair but I like the fact that it gets me from point A to point B, which wouldn't happen if I was trying to walk it. I did that for years and fumbled and fell and incoveinienced people by holding onto them or them having to fear me falling. I couldn't do a quarter of what I do now back then. There's give and take and acceptance of yourself and I fight that everyday as I'm sure you are too.
We can only do our best and sometimes just throw our hands in the air and say "What The Fuck"!!!