Friday, March 22, 2013

Marriage Equality Painting Day 9

I didn't get much done yesterday as I knew I wouldn't. I did some on the panels on the back and they still need more work. My painting friends came over yesterday. I made a quinoa salad, one friend brought wine and carmel popcorn and another one brought an apple pie. It was a beautiful day to paint outside with awesome people and have good fun food.

On a funny and oh so wonderful note. Found out one of the gal friends a former makeup artist used to do her magic on female parts for Larry Flint during shoots. It became hilariously funny conversation as you can imagine. Evidently he wanted to make sure all vajayjay's looked like moist flowers.
She said any bi-sexual fantasies that she had went out the door after dealing with all the different types of boxes she'd experienced. It was pretty funny to hear about.


JFBreak said...

Of course, there are numerous readers out here wondering if your make-up artist friend has a blog where she documented all these before and after vaginae!

La Roo said...

JF Break- I know huh! She doesn't, I don't think have one. LOL