Tuesday, March 5, 2013

In between

This is my" in between" painting.

I've been doing this little piece in preparation for another show in June. I paint twice a week at school and it is an easy piece physically to take back and forth. My marriage Equality piece is 30' x 42" and too big for me to handle, plus and art bag filled with supplies. I have done it before and it's a bitch. I look like a fuckin sail boat with it wedged between my knees, and trying to navigate that into an elevator.

I'm trying to do some smaller works for this show because they might sell easier because of the venue.  Obviously the bigger the piece, the higher the price.  Some paintings call for a bigger canvas and I won't look away at that fact if it is what it needs. I do what feels right according to the subject matter and the impact I want to make with it.  This little guy felt right and I have a couple more ideas for some smaller pieces. So that's good.

Update on my personal life.... I'm moving forward with a heavy heart and I feel that's all I can do. Our marriage and individually we are changed forever. Not saying we can't learn or grow from this but just stating an obvious fact. I feel totally different. 
I have some definite ups and downs and I guess have to go with it. i don't have a choice. I've lost myself and that's a weird feeling after years of soul searching and embracing the true me. 
I hold tightly to my painting because that is what I have that is pretty solid and I know it's mine and can't be taken from me.(unless maybe I loose my arms in an accident)
 So shallow, but truth to me.
I find myself realizing some shit about friends and family and what I'm going to put up with and what the new Laroo is going to embrace. I'm so tired of  living a facade, a fantasy life that isn't true to form, walking on eggshells. Basically to make others comfortable, while I feel uncomfortable.
There are some fake ass people out there that talk a big game but don't hold up to what is true and kind. It hurts. We've recently made some new friends that both hubby and I can relate with and "seem" to be more upfront and real. 
Maybe somehow I have let myself seek that out.  Put myself out there as this is what and who I am and the people that are more open minded are filtering in? I can only hope.

This year has been lonely and scary and without people backing you, it was terrifying. 
I don't want to feel like I'm on a surface level anymore with people. I need depth.


ChiTown Girl said...

Oh, sugar, I wish I had some magic wand I could wave and make all your heartache go away. I'm glad you're pushing forward, and not letting yourself get sucked down into a pit of despair. I guess the best thing you can do is get up every morning, put your Big Girl panties on, and keep on truckin'.

The Birthday Birdie is cute, by the way. Good luck with the show in June!

La Roo said...

ChiTown Girl- There's no magic. It just has to happen naturally. Hopefully organically and not forced, for both of our sakes.
You know I always "Put on my big girl Panties"! Sometimes its harder to get one leg in and then the other. LOL
I'm glad you liked my birdie.

The title is:
It's not all parakeets and cotton candy.

~meaning...life's not what it always seems~