Wednesday, February 20, 2013

On the lighter side

The scary thing is that is about my reality. You laugh but it is how I see things quite frequently. I love to use my imagination and not be so serious. I have a group of friends at school that are the same way. We have some of the stupidest of conversations, but it is so fun.

Our recent topic is about sharks and how this one in the group girl digs them.  While we are painting there is usually music on. The other day this particular girl says, this is shark music. We are all going ya know it is. She says, sharks exude 70's jazz think about it. And if you really do think about how they swim and just are it is the perfect music for sharks.

Or how I want to live in a Speigel Tent with burlesque girls  trapezes and 40's style boys and my other friend wants to live at the Moulin Rouge but I can come visit him any time and my other friend wants to live in a castle in England with a gold room and labyrinth with gold pasties that sparkle like disco balls.

(i know.. how old am I? Or what kinda good drugs am I on.)

I have a plastic finger puppet dinosaur in the console of my car. His name is Dinosaur, obviously.
And he likes candy. We make sure pretty much at all times has a piece of candy in his mouth. He usually eats it when hubby's not around and hubby blames it on me. Shit, No I wouldn't fuck with a dinosaurs candy.

See I'm not kidding.

I love having an imagination and being around people that do also. Its so fun to let yourself go and fantasize and be stupid. 
Why not? 

The rest of life is to damn serious. 


ChiTown Girl said...

I LOVE Dinosaur!!

You're "craziness" is what I love most about you. Please don't ever change! =)

La Roo said...

ChiTown Girl- OOOOooooh I'm glad you love him!
and I'm glad you like my craziness. Too funny. That warms my heart.
I think you have a little craziness in you dying to get out. Let it fly lady!