Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Barely remembered my password.

Ok first off hello and big hugs.  Truly.

My last post was in November on this blog and it was because my life has continued to spiral and I didn't want to go into it anymore. The same stuff I talked about between Sept and November started back up and I was ashamed and didn't want to be a Debbie Downer anymore.

So with that said, I'm reinventing myself and my hubby is now too. Its been a long treacherous road and thank gawd we have the love we do.

I don't know quite know what reinventing means right now?? but we are doing it. We go more in depth with our lifestyle on "our" blog which we haven't really been writing on either because it is so hard to explain and fully get everything out that you feel you need to. Plus we just have needed to concentrate on us.
 If we can get by moment to moment, that is an accomplishment for us and we hold it in regard.

So I'm gonna let that just sit here and move on for a bit. It was an update that I thought was necessary.

On a happy note and a heartwarming one...........................BOB is back!
Thank you for commenting the other day on the last post and I can't tell you how much I've missed you and needed you to get on my ass about posting! I could only hope someday that would happen, and it did! Lucky me.

I totally appreciate Chitown Girl and Bigger also reaching out with emails. So sweet, thank you. It means so much.

I'm going to try to be more light hearted and just go with whatever here so just bare with me and all I can do is try, right?
All my problems are first world problems, that just need to take the journey they were intended and I will hopefully come out the other end a better person. Or maybe a homeless ecentric depressed girl in a wheelchair selling tiny paintings on a highway off ramp, sucking on ketschup packages from fast food places for nourishment. LOL (not funny)

So don't hold back you're silly sexy quirky fun loving selves and comment and let's have some fun.

I need it, you need it, let's do it!



ChiTown Girl said...

La Roo!!!!!

I'm SO happy you're back!! I look forward to you posting more.

And, hey, this is YOUR blog, post about whatever the hell you want. Don't worry about what people will think when they read it. This is YOUR place to vent, share, whatever you want. If it's sad or depressing, so be it. That's what you're feeling at the moment. If it's sexy and naughty (yes, please!) that's what you're feeling at the moment. This place should be like your diary, where you feel safe to spill your guts, without judgement.

Whew, here, let me climb down off my soapbox now. Ok, that's better.

Just keep writing, Sista!!


The world according to Gaz said...

Welcome back in whatever form you are taking. It's nice to see you back.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you are back. The search party can now be cancelled and we can sit back and enjoy yiour postings.

marquisdgore said...

Good to see you back.

JFBreak said...

Welcome back!

La Roo said...

It feels good to be back.

Chitown- I will just try to be me. I just don't want to feel negative. I need to some how find a happy medium. You are right, this is my blog and I can cry if I want too. LOL Big hugs.

TWATGaz-I don't want form??? Maybe a triangle? LOL
Thanks for caring.

Baby Boomer- Call the troops back, I'm ok. Just needed a break. You're sweet.

Marquisdgore- Thanks...aww.

JFBreak Thanks .....apreciate it.

Bob said...

Yeh. I'm back and honry as all get out!!

Anonymous said...

I have missed reading your posts. Glad you are back.