Monday, July 9, 2012

Another one

Pretty much all I can say is:
For Fuck Sakes!

Am I so naive?
Do I choose to be blind?
Do I trust too much?
Am I to much of an open book?
Do I have dump on me written all over?
I can't seem to find my happy place any more.
Every time I think I might of found peace,
Sthwaaaap !

Who am I kidding? 

I need to rethink my life, I'm obviously doing something wrong........


ChiTown Girl said...

Oh, sweety, I have no idea who wronged you, but I want to beat their ass!!!


The world according to Gaz said...

Wow, maybe you were bad in a past life? Can't imagine it, things have to get better.

marquisdgore said...

Shit happens - you either deal with it somehow and get on with your life, or wallow in it and get all stressed out and it dictates your life. You've had a lot dumped on you in the past year. Maybe you need to simplify your life just a little. Nobody wants to see you shut down and stop blogging. I, for one, look forward to reading or watching the next crazy thing that LaRoo does. According to your page, you've got 83 people who feel the same way, and a husband that supports you 110% in whatever you care to do. That's a lot of positive energy directed your way.

La Roo said...

Chi Town girl- You always seem to have my back and for that I am so appreciative. I am dealing with things the best I know how and at the moment Im am once again pretty numb. It's takes the place of hurt and doesn't affect the people around me as much. Maybe not the right approach but that is what my mind does for protection.

TWAT Gaz- I feel like a bad country song that lingers way to long. Looking a blind eye always cones back to bite you in the ass. Maybe somewday I will learn.
IIf I was bad in a past life I would like to run those tapes and watch. Because hopefully I had a rip roaring no holding back time!

marquisdgore- You're right, shit does happen. It just seems like this year every time I pull through something, one more thing is there waiting to hit me upside the head or heart. I don't write about every life experience so just know there has been a fair share of shit this year, beyond my blogging.
I have dealt with quite a bit in my life. Not complaining, because that is what has made me who I am today. Sometimes it just makes me wonder how much one person can take?
I know I have love and that is what gets me by. But it hurts the most when you get hurt by the ones who love you the most.

I wont quit blogging. When I can I will. That's all I can bring to the table.