Sunday, April 22, 2012

I'm sleeping in a cabinet

So we've been sleeping for the last 2 weeks on our murphy bed in the grofice (guest room / office).
It's a double bed we are used to a queen bed. The painting started this weekend on our bedroom but it will probably be another week and a half before we can have our love nest back. Our new bed is still being made/carved and totally handcrafted by a sweet Mexican man at one of our neighborhood stores.
Plus there is more to painting this room than just regular paint on walls and ceiling and mouldings.

We still have stripes to be paint on the walls (which we have to wait several days for the bottom color to cure before taping it off), gold leaf stars on the ceiling and borders above the picture moulding to be painted and gold leafed. Hubby is making a custom made built in 1920's replica wardrobe, which also must be painted and embellished. With no official cut list and pattern it is looking to be quite a feat. He is good at doing this sort of thing but it takes a little tweaking here and there to do what suits our needs and more pondering.

The murphy bed is ok, but is getting old pretty quick. Which is good to know because that means that any guests we have won't stay too long. :) We will order our new mattress when we have a couple days notice that our bed will be done. Ouch, $2600.00 for the bed and box spring! I know it will be like sleeping on a cloud after this murphy bed business. Plus 3 grand for the custom carved replica of antique Spanish bed. In which upon ordering and telling this guy what we wanted, Hubby proceeded to tell the dude to make sure it's sturdy (as he shakes a piece of furniture near by him) saying she's loco in bed. Oh my gosh my face turned bright red and we just laughed. LOL.

I've started doubting that I can pull off this Spanish/ French Colonial circus sex, Moulin Rouge bedroom?
But we're into it now and I'm so looking forward to it being a little piece of wonderfulness and can only cross my fingers and whatever else and trust I have some good creativity backing me and it will turn out pretty damn cool.

My back is paying the price, and I'm hoping it will all be worth.

Plus monkey sex will be a lot easier on a bigger bed. :)


ChiTown Girl said...

I can't wait to see the finished room!

Bob said...

A gift to you and hubby...Bedroom mood music:

Anonymous said...

It should be just wonderful. We recently got a 4 poster queen bed, and with a new mattress, and it is just fantastic to sleep on.
Your decorating sounds great.