Friday, April 27, 2012

I'm Cuckoo

Because I have been spoiled.
For as long as I can remember my mom has woken me up. When I lived at home she would come into my room and rub my back and sweetly tell me it's time to get up.
I hate to admit, that even being a married woman and on my own she still called me every morning with a wake up call. It was our time to discuss what we were going to do that day and it gave my body a chance to wake up and work out some aches.
I miss her calls............
In years past I slept hard. I mean the walls could fall in and I wouldn't know. When I did awake it took my body a while to wrangle itself around. An alarm at that time would not have got me up and if it did it would have to be crazy loud and was a shock to my body.  I can explain but it would just start my day off really bad.
I know spoiled brat.....
The past couple years I've been sleeping lighter and able to get up much easier, but mom still called because it just became a routine.
Since mom's passing in December, hubby has been sweet and has called me from work with a wake up call. Actually I've been waking up on my own a little before my regular time, sometimes before he calls.
He told me the other day that I probably need to get an alarm clock. He's right, I do.
So, because I can't make things easy and do normal things like run to Target and get a digital alarm like everybody else. I want it to go with my new carzy bedroom and meld into the quirkiness of it all.
My search for one last night started with vintage alarm clocks on Ebay and wound up with me thinking up something that I can't find and don't knoiw if it exists.
A tabletop cuckoo alarm clock.
The one shown above is an art piece cuckoo clock (it's like $450). It's not an alarm clock and not what I was really thinking, but very cool.
And believe it or not there are cuckoo clocks that have pleasant sounding birdies and chimes.
Like this place. Scroll down the page and it has a little music note you can click on to hear what they sound like.
This dude custom makes them and I even emailed him last night asking if he does or would make a table top cuckoo alarm clock and he answered me back this morning that he doesn't.
Something like this, minus the hangy downy things, miniature, sits on a night stand, and chirps sweetly to me. LOL
I wouldn't even have to go all black like this one, even though it is very cool. Traditional is good with me too, as long as something like a birdie or people come out a little door and amuse me with their cuteness.
Oh and under a $100.
Good luck with that one.

Target, here I come.



ChiTown Girl said...

Aw, I wish you could find what you wanted. My current alarm clock is one I bought at Walmart, and I love it. It's an alarm clock/radio/CD player. It's footprint is only slightly bigger than a CD, which I love, cuz it doesn't take up a lot of space. You can either wake up to the radio, a buzzer or a CD. Maybe it would work for you in that you could find one of those 'sounds of nature' CDs, and use that as your wake-up. Whatta ya think?

Bob said...

I'm one of those who have never used an alarm clock: I get up when I wake up. Using the internal alarm clock that it seems came with this body, there has never been an issue of getting to work on time or attending an early morning meeting. It's really a more natural way or living, at least it has been for me.

Alarm clocks are invasive and disturb ones chee. I hate 'em.

La Roo said...

ChiTown Girl- I still havent gotten one. I haven't even looked since then. Bad, huh? I do think I need to find a soothing sound one., but not to soothing or I'll lull back to sleep.

Bob- Actually lately I think my internal alarm is kicking in. I've been getting up just before I normally do by myself. I do need one for back up in case I sleep over.
I do agree with you, that alarms are invasive. Or I'm just a wuss. :)