Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Piecing it together

The French Spanish Colonial Fru Fru Moulin Rouge Circus Sex bedroom has got parts.
This is an antique bed I found. It is a twin. I need a queen. We're are having a craftsman make it.
I fell in love and there was no other bed was going to do.
It was way more than we intended to spend on a bed, plus we are getting a new mattress. We justified it with the fact it is a great piece and we spend a third of our life in bed. 
Found these antique sconces at the Rose Bowl Flea Market. A little paint and attaching the crystals and we are as good as new. $45 (not bad)
We were going to buy this sconce and I believe they were $350. 
I thinjk we can make the flea market ones look just as good.
Found this side table/nightstand on Craigslist for $200 for the pair. I will strip it and make the engraved part a dark stain and paint the swirly floral to go with the motif.
Not sure if they are mine quite yet. I'm waiting for the people to call me back.
Crossing my fingers.
These are the stripes to be painted and still looking for the application to do above the 12" picture moulding. 

The room itself still stands in shambles and I'm ok with that for the moment. 
Must get everything in order before anything starts. 
Most likely hubby will put electrical in for sconces this coming weekend.

At least there I have some things on the board and feel a bit more focused.

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La Roo said...

I did end up getting the nightstands from the lady on Craigslist and got them for $160, instead of $200.
So yay! Now I will strip them a bit and stain darker and paint of stain the inlay a different color.