Friday, February 10, 2012

Up swing

And no, not what you think.  :)
No swinging here as of lately.
Just feeling a little better than the last time I posted.

Life is going to be a roller coaster and I'm just riding it.  Or swing maybe?

We've had some pretty fun sexual flirtations with some newer and older friends and our own communication is starting to get back on track.

Sex is definitely back on my mind and we've taken advantage of that a couple of times lately. We've even done some new things during sex and that has been pretty awesome.

With the friend flirting thing, it's just been fun because I'm pretty sure they don't have open marriages or swing or anything of that nature. That makes it kind of fun just seeing how far they will go to talk about what they think is so taboo or risque. It's fun to know that we are at a different level and such a turn on to know that "if they only knew" about us. For me personally, that some how revs me up. The fact that they have "no clue" and to them the simplest of things are sexy or sexual.

If they only knew the things we've seen, experienced, or have opened our eyes to experience, they would be floored.

Now that's fun!


Luv said...

Great to hear that you are all sexed-up. Stop teasing and tell us the details.
What new stuff have you tried? Exciting, eh? Is there anything you haven't done yet? Next time, you have to go air-tight. That means all three holes are filled at the same time. No artificial stuff, so you need three guys. Will hubby go for it? hahaha. Dirty, dirty.

Luv u LaRoo.

La Roo said...

Luv- There are several things I haven't done yet and I have hopes of trying some day. I have fantasized about the air tight thing and I think if the right time and right moment came along I would go for it. I think hubby would be on board if everything was right all the way around. It sounds hot.