Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love is a gas!

Happy Valentines Day, Lovely People!

I found this pic and it seemed fitting.
Seems kinda like something I do, huh?

Everybody kept asking what we were doing today for Valentine's Day.
My answer has been, we don't need a greeting card day to tell us we need to say 
"I love you".
We say I love you everyday. We try to make love as much as possible, and give love and share love.
All without being expected to do so on a certain day.

Yes, we did give each other a card (suckers). But really, I think today is just kinda over kill.
I do like the little chachkies and hearts and candy, just like I like that stuff for Easter.
I'm a glutten for cute shit. 
( I don't need to receive though)

I love you, sweet hubby............always.

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