Monday, February 27, 2012

His balls are pillowy soft

Hubby and I have sort of an exercise/ stretch routine we do in bed in the mornings before we get up and going. It feels good and makes a great start to our day. Sometimes it goes a little beyond exercise into sexersise. 
I had to share this because Saturday morning while I was in this stretching pose (as shown above), Hubby decides he likes the look from behind, and starts rubbing my butt and slides off my thong and says stay that way. 
However he manipulated himself to penetrate was beyond me. I believed it worked out where he basically was on his knees doing the splits (so to speak). I don't think we've done it this way. I'm not saying we haven't done it doggy style. This was just a way lowered version. 
It felt really awesome and he tugged my hair a bit and at one point I just started giggling. I know..... maybe not a good thing, but it tickled me when I realized that sensation I was feeling on the bottoms of my feet were his balls. They would bounced against the bottoms of my feet each time he thrusted in. I was a cool feeling that I obviously had never felt. I've never had balls on the bottom of my feet before. He of course asked "What"? When I told him, he too started laughing. You like that, huh? He said. 
We just laughed and continued although the butt had to come up higher and going into regular doggy style for both of us to get off.
It is just awesome to me that we don't take ourselves too seriously during sex and laugh and have fun.

I can still think about and feel that sensation on the bottoms of my tootsies and ooooh how pillowy soft.
I'm normally not a foot messing with type of gal, but this felt pretty great.

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ChiTown Girl said...

If it makes you feel any better, this made ME giggle, too ;-)