Monday, January 9, 2012

Lonely practices

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I stole this from another website. ( I'm that way know)
These are excerpts from a 1948 book, I think titled You and Your Sex Life.
This is what I get from it.....

Looks like our marriage is in deep doo doo.
I making a doctors appointment today.
Maybe it will go something like this:
As I undress, slip on a gown and spread my legs in the stir ups.  "Doctor is there something wrong with me"?" I masturbate." I also put foreign objects in my vagina.......My Italian, a Mexican, an African.........................They never got stuck but, I want you to check...........

I make love to my husband every day with my mind and my heart.  During sex He doesn't know the "Art of Love" but he can make me cum like no other. He is also ok with another man touching my body and pleasuring me.......Do we have a problem?
Do you want to stick your fingers in me an see what is wrong with me?

I think my sex life is going down the tubes.

I think my naughty is back. You think?


Bob said...

No think about it. You're back!

La Roo said...

Yeah I am....scary :)