Thursday, January 12, 2012

A girl who likes boys and girls.

Listening to a podcast the other day about being bi sexual and the stigmas that goes along with it.
I don't consider myself bi sexual although I am attracted to girls sometimes.
I feel like I'm just a sexual person without categorizing myself into one group or another.

Do I like all boys? No.
Do I like all girls? No.
Some boys and some girls sometimes? Yep.
Is everybody my type or me theirs? No.
I don't have a type, for instance: tall, dark and muscular.  If you are and there is chemistry, good. But that's not what I look for. I don't limit myself to a certain kind of person that I'm attracted to. Including girls. Some girls are adorable and really do it for me while other I could care less. Same with guys?
I just like having fun and like the vibe of others doing the same. It is such a turn on to me.

We are all going to be attracted to different people for different reasons. Just cause I like you doesn't mean I want to have sex with you and sometimes maybe it does.

I can honestly say, I can count only less than a handful of girls that I can truly say I would've liked to done the wild thing with in my life. I've seen some totally awesome chicks and hung with them, but to say I'd want to be with them is another story.

So being gay or bi..........I just don't think I am. Would I swing the other way if given a chance with those certain people. Yep, gladly.  I think the circumstances would have to be just right and I would have to be totally feeling it. Same goes for a guy interest as well.

This is something hubby and I have discussed this and it will be interesting if and when this ever happens.
It's pretty awesome to be open and be able to communicate something that has for years seemed so taboo and feels quite natural now.
Bringing this type of stuff to the table has opened both of our eyes and it is interesting how we are drawn to the same type of people.
It makes for our everyday life and our sex lives jump to a different level.


JFBreak said...

Which podcast? I'm addicted to the Savage Love Cast. Are there others I should be listening to?

La Roo said...

JFBreak - I think that particular one was Life On the Swingset. That is one of our staples. Then Swinging with the Becketts. They are just sex positve and not always about just swinging. Check um out. I also like Savage.

ChiTown Girl said...

I say - whoever floats your boat!