Friday, January 6, 2012

Dolce Salato

One of our local haunts is a gelato place in our little old downtown area, just a block from us.  Let me preface by saying that gelato has 4grams of fat compared to a scoop of ice cream with 15grams of fat. So we feel like we can indulge a little each week without horrible guilt. My favorite is Dolce Salato which is basically caramel with smoked sea salt and mini chocolate chips. Can we all say yummmmmmmm? Top it off with coffee or tea and we're good on many levels.

Talking about guilty pleasures..........we've been running into and have befriended a couple we keep running into at the gelato place. They are very funny and very flirtatious. We love that. Our mind wanders as to if they are swingers or just openly sexual about stuff. It's been a little deterrent from all that has been going on lately and been a kick just getting to know them. Doesn't matter if they are swingers, but it could be a blast. We absolutely can't put it out there because of the fact we know everybody at the gelato place and they know people we know other than there. So I believe we will continue to indulge in the flirtation and just see. I know if anything it was quite the fun turn on for me last night and we went home and had some pretty fun sex. Something we haven't done in quite a while.
Let's hope things are on a better path. Not that we didn't want sex......or should I say not that I didn't want sex, but with my mom health issues and her passing...............well it just wasn't in the cards.


Bob said...

Don't swingers sign with their fingers to identify that they are "that", you know like the gangs do?... or how about a secret handshake? Like handshake, armshake, milkshake! Or, maybe a secret question to which the other party has to have the answer. No fair asking for a vowel, either. Like it could be What kind of ice cream do you avoid? Answer: Vanilla (life)!

Really, enough of this guessing game as to who is who. Gotta get this shit out in the open. Ya think?

ChiTown Girl said...

I'm glad to hear you've been able to slowly start "living" again.

BTW, I'm with Bob. You guys should wear T-shirts or something! ;-)