Thursday, December 29, 2011

I think I needed to see this

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This was on my Yahoo main page this morning. Reading the headlines I knew it would tear me up but I clicked on the video anyways.
I needed to know and visualize in my head that along with this young guy, my mom is peaceful. Who really knows what happens after we die? We can only speculate and hope all kinds of nice things. I don't know, but I had to put my brain in this soft spot today. A place where I don't see her in pain and the images of her laying in the hospital bed moments after she died.
Did she hear me come in yelling don't go and crying? Did she know I was there? Was she trying to come back or was it all to much? Was she scared? Was she sad? Could she feel me touch her?

Oh my.

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ChiTown Girl said...

I saw this today, too. But, I was confused by the headline. Did this boy pass away?

I agree, your mom is peaceful now. And, she's smiling down on you because she knows how very much you love her.